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TitleBe Brave, Be Free
Subtitle Throw off Your Velvet Shackles!
Age Not the only factor in 'I'm too old for this shit' w.r. to common life style as a slave, but even though I thought a lot of these same thoughts, in more primitive form, when I was 17, at this time of life I can make them cohere and build on related ones.
Aikido Principle The guy who just does a niche job, no one bugs him, he just plugs along. Be like that.
Alone vs Lonely Big difference. Alone can be empowering; lonely leads to slavery (dependence).
Alternative Titles Living Out of the Box
Out of Bondage
Letters from a Free Planet
Finding Freedom (in the USA)
Journey to Freedom - The New, Fun Way to Drop Out
America not Equal to Its Gov't If listening to news, don't equate 'America at War with Cuba' with 'people of...' It's 'Government of...' Detaching yourself from your gov't will give a better perspective of what animosities there really are.
Same with 'rift between blacks & jews.'
Anarchy 1 Not 'no leader,'
but 'Everyone is a leader...' of his own life.
Group w/o a single leader can't be conquered or controlled by despots. Who's in charge?" "I am."
Anarchy 2 We are trained in gov't schools to fear and loathe anarchy. In reality, it's 'autarchy' everyone rules himself.
Anger 1 Why are you so Angry?
Rappers, etc angry.
'Mad as hell...' but at whom
This book reveals the 'whom!'
Anger 2 Anger comes from loss,' Wilde
Dealing with anger, eg on highway can be an exercise in seeing thru facade of frustration of other driver, and visualize the potentially good person within him. You might like him under other circumstances. The external current situation is a fiction.
Anger 3 Mental freedom comes partly from calmness.
Rephrase 'cussing out' others; instead of 'don't do that...' etc, think 'I'd prefer you didn't...'
Animals, Differences You know, not everyone can live according to their views
Only 'sheeple' bleat that excuse. One must at least try, or one is not more than an animal, in my view.
I know, we are animals, but we (can) live differently, 'cause we perceive things such as future consequences to acts.
Ants & Bees 1 Those in power want us to be ants or bees. They are at the top and we are to serve them. Some people might be more comfortable in this role. Not me.
Analogy of Beehive State (Utah) where even the religion subjugates people. Drones keeping the hive warm, cool. Majority of honey to aristocracy.
Ants & Bees 2 Those in power want us to be ants or bees. They are at the top and we are to serve them. Some people might be more comfortable in this role. Not me.
Analogy of Beehive State (Utah) where even the religion subjugates people. Drones keeping the hive warm, cool. Majority of honey to aristocracy.
Elites say they're leaders, they're actually useless parasites.
Ants & Bees 3 Embrace the concept of living outside the hive." A bee probably couldn't do this, as it has to be fed by others; we can. Therefore, it should at least be considered. For the right personality, it will provide ultimate freedom; for others' fear or loneliness."
Arbeit Macht Frei Irony is, that old concentration camp slogan, misleading back then, is still being used to make you think you can work your way to happiness. A lifetime of toil for a few years of 'retirement.'
Religion also dangles the carrot of later rewards; just as false.
Money, nor work, can 'buy' freedom nor salvation.
Armed Society is Polite Society Listening to reports of e.g. Day-Care shooting in LA, one wonders why these are never stopped by an armed bystander. Answer is, some are stopped, but those aren't reported because of media/gov't agenda to collect all weps & further gov't control. E.g. 'Unbiased' 60-Min. Lesley Stahl report on licensing flaws and CBS News report on gun probs using flawed stat's
Arrogance - the 'Superior Dance' Catch yourself if you are doing the 'Church Lady's' 'Superior Dance' over someone. It's a sign of false superiority which so often leads to a misstep of one's own!
Arrogance of Power Biggest downfall; they underestimate IQ & memory of the people.
They think they've eliminated effects of both by using lazy/servile/corrupt media and by control of educ. Both are becoming less relevant as people realize poor quality of both.
Asking for References During many conversations, someone will ask 'Where did you read that?' or 'What's your source?' While I do list sources at the end of this book, your best source is to receive input from many sources, including the propagandists, but to observe what actually happens, the deeds done, and use your intellect to see who benefits and why. This book is a tool to help you in that process.
Assumptions - Blind Be wary - we are trained in gov't schools and by media to blindly accept their assumtions (e.g. less gov't = chaos). They paint those who disagree as 'kooks.'
Figure out people's assumptions and be skeptical of 'em. Do they hold up to logic? Are there questions they don't answer?
Assumptions - English English: 'He' 'Him' = 'one' indef 3d person pronoun in acc. with good grammar. Not necessarily a male person. Those who feel it's sexist should consult a good grammar or style book.
Assumptions - Question Them To live intelligently, one should have at least at some time questioned one's basic assumptions.
A life not examined is lived unintelligently and therefore, most likely, not the best life one could live.
Assumptions 1 People basically 'good' (explain)
People are fallible.
People are corruptible.
Power corrupts fallible people (eg a boss at work).
End doesn't justify means (eg well meaning gov't shouldn't steal, kill...)
Assumptions 3 What assumptions make you believe you have to work for a living? If you didn't have to pay rent, mtge, taxes or buy the newest 'stuff,' how much would you need, to live, and what kind of 'work style' would it take to attain that?
Do we need to buy ourselves security in the form of alarms, insurance, retirement savings?
Assumptions 4 People in power aren't stupid. Once you recognize that & 'follow the money' you'll see that e.g. the 'Drug War' isn't failing in terms of what its real objective is: Money & power for those in gov't & connected to same. Reduction of our 'rights' as well. 'Rights' is in quotes 'cause a right GIVEN to you can be taken away as easily. The only rights you have are those you can keep.
Assumptions 5 - False People are evil and need to be controlled. If true, who controls the controllers? If it's 'we, the people,' why couldn't we have just controlled ourselves to begin with? If no one, then why assume those with power would be better than we? Evidence is to the contrary.
Assumptions 6 - False The world still could be changed for the better. Justif. for 'next new/big thing,' gov't laws, etc.
No! Heaven is all around us. Just tune into it and it's yours.
Simplify, and filter out the complications which generate false needs which in turn give rise to 'need' to be a slave: Be secure, pay for things, attract a fancy mate, etc.
Authentic Existence 1 Be who you really are.
Some may feel best in position others would see as slavery. Trying to be the other w/o an authentic change in philosophy is torture.
Authentic Existence 2 Mistake: Trying to do what others say is normal or 'your duty' or 'your share.'
Autonomy 1 You lose autonomy if you ally yourself with a group, because you then accept their definition of who you are, how much you're worth, and how you are to act, or not.
Autonomy 2 Proactively making decisions which guide and affect your life's direction.
You might err, but it's easier to correct if you chose the course you're on.
Autonomy 3 - In Action You lose autonomy if you ally yourself with a group, because you then accept their definition of who you are, how much you're worth, and how you are to act, or not.
Living intelligently and actively.
Backwards Hat vs IQ Brim has a purpose: to shade.
Unless one is welding, etc, to put it on backwards means you eschew the practicality for symbology or aping of another who had no reason to turn it around except to get noticed.
So, the brain is turned off if the hat is backwards.
Be Careful 1 The freer you are, esp. in the workplace, the nastier some will be to you. This is because you reflect back to them how badly they have been enslaved & many will do anything not to face that.
Be Careful 2 The freer you are, esp. in the workplace, the nastier some will be to you.
This is because you reflect back to them how badly they have been enslaved & many will do anything not to face that.
Behavior - Highways Show Human Others' behavior.
What to do, avoid.
How to interact.
How to achieve best result when others are involved & have their own agendas.
'Hell is other people.' - Friederich Nietsche
Being Big by Being Small Being small, insignificant to others gives you power - they won't bother you, nor covet that which is yours.
Also, not aspiring to power over others, even in minor matters (e.g. traffic situations), gives you freedom from conflict.
Being of Service vs Subservient Being of service is noble. But it is quite different from being subservient.
Best of the Worst Each way I turned, it seemed the best available alt. of that choice was waiting for me (airline in Austin, engineer's slot in RR). Even so, that may have not been the best route to take.
Better Way 1. Local voluntary associations, such as Talmudic, Amish or nudist colonies. Sign or other indication would indicate implied consent if you enter there to obey their rules.
2. Statewide assoc's might exist, but as below.
3. Federal assoc's might exist, but would bill for services (viz).
Bible If you are religious, does the Bible or other holy text indicate you are on earth to fight traffic, get road rage (or be a victim of same), slave away in a cubicle all day getting paper cuts, or is there perhaps some more noble purpose to existence? Did Moses free your ancestors for this?

If you are not religious, then cannot you define your own purpose, rejecting that of the 'massas' or masses?
Billing 1 Show how assoc's would bill for services in advance. Maybe include 'your fair share' of each service to maintain or increase service in each area. People check off what they'll pay, amounts are tabulated & that's NEXT period's budget. People could lobby for, eg a ballpark, etc, but payment would be voluntary.
Billing 2 Gov't must tax instead of billing, because it can only deliver the size of goods if it takes from many multiples of those to whom it gives, taking its 'cut' in the process.
Billing 3 If 'goods' are so necessary to people, enough will voluntarily band together to fund projects, perhaps through profit repaying their investment.
In any case, no 'good' project is worth stealing x meals from people. (How many meals is the so-called 'international' space station?)
Bleeding Hearts & Liberals Bleeding hearts would be ok, except they bleed with my blood.
Blueprint for Living 1 At a seminar for teenagers, led by Sam Donaldson: The panel included Scott Hamilton, skater, Bruce Willis and James Earl Jones, actors. The question: What is a good life. The answer: One which includes calm rather than stress, and concentration on the spiritual, rather than the material. They concluded that fame did bring wealth, but that got old and they yearned for peace and a spiritual way to contribute.
Blueprint for Living 2 Sketch out a blueprint of some typical days in the life of someone concentrating on real freedom. Show what kind of income they (wouldn't) need, etc.
Book - Goal of To encourage people to break out of cycle of eat - sleep - work with occasional 'Bread & Circus.'
Begin to concentrate on individual freedom and the enlightenment and better life which will result for all who choose it.
Book - What is It? Wake-up call:
Intellectual exercise in the true sense.
Book - What It's Not Call to violence
Book - Why? ...not everyone is as committed as we try to be.
That's why I thought of the book. If everyone were already there, who would be interested in growth? The question is, 'Would the world be better if...?' (fill in the blank with behavior). If so, those of us who see beyond our noses can advocate the behavior or 'new' point of view.
Book - Written for This book is written for those who can work up some energy to look beyond what's given us on a platter and decide for yourself what a good life is and how to achieve it for your OWN benefit.
Book Goal - How You Should Feel Empowered and able to deal w/reality, not depressed and angry.
Able to construct an environment (e.g. people whom you will & not assoc. with) in which to have a better, freer life.
Box 1 You were brought up in a box. It is not square, though, it has a weird shape, for no real reason anyone can explain. Other than 'it's always been that way,' which isn't true... it didn't always exist.
If you start to question the size, shape and reason for the box, this book is for you.
Box 2 We will attempt to enlarge, self-define the shape of, and even make the box flexible, if you are willing to make some changes, maybe big ones, in your life.
Ideally, though others have constructed the box, and it still exists for them, we can live outside it, at least part of the time, and maybe ignore it completely.
Bravery - What Is? 'Can't help it' or 'I have no choice,' are cop-outs. There are always choices, and the brave face the ugly or scary ones and consider their validity for long-term benefit.
BS - ID It and Ignore Don't pay attention to it once it's identified. What you spend time thinking about (e.g. opiates such as 'Princess Di' and sports) you'll spend precious energy on.
Thus, put bad episodes behind you, rather than 'getting closure.' Create your own closure with your raised middle finger!
Cabals There have been Illuminati, Cognoscenti and Literati... now let's become the Oculari or Videari - Those Who See.
Capitalism Has a purpose, not condemning it. It helps people be motivated to produce useful items & services.
But, if you are to find peace and freedom, you will have to back away from it somewhat, 'cause you're reducing your need for material items & money to buy 'em.
Case Studies George,
Mary, who almost made it to freedom.
Elvis, whom money couldn't free.
Caution Flags Hold onto your wallet when you hear:
Civic pride,
World class City,
'We' must 'give' (means 'they' take from you,
For the chillllldren!
A 'leader' with 'vision,'
'Liberal' means 'liberal with YOUR money!'
Cells Imagine the cells of your bloodstream, rushing to bring nutrition to the other cells, combat disease, etc.
Is it possible this is all happening just so you can go be an 8 - 5 slave for someone? Or, is it more likely that there is a more worthy purpose: Defining your best 'you' and being that, enjoying life to the fullest?
Chains 1 Artificial 'need' for property & possessions created by gov't, since w/o their push to live in static 'cities' you would be free to go anywhere & need few possessions. Purpose of latter is to make artificially static existence palatable. Irony is you can't own property as long as you must pay tribute to gov't, who can take it away if you don't.
Chains 2 'To be in chains is safer than to be free.' -- Advocate Hassler in 'The Trial' by Franz Kafka
Change or Protect Yourself Probably society can't really be changed due to human nature yielding a similar result each time a 'revolution' is tried (sheep vs the sharks). But, you can craft a life which will keep you low on the radar and thus relatively immune from them and yet live pleasantly.
Charity in a Free Land You will directly benefit whoever you want to help.
No middleman, esp. an expensive gov't diluting your actual contribution.
No one choosing for you.
And, no coercion, which isn't really charity.
Cheating the System Dr Laura's comment chastising a listener for 'cheating the system' is bogus. The system isn't you & me, we are just forced to pay into it. The system is made up of those who use it to cheat us every day, charging much more than it costs to provide the 'services' they say we need.
Choices - False 1 False choice we're given from day 1 is 'this treadmill or that pit.'
Choices - Test of Test of your choices is how happy they've made you.
'Diapered, empty rice bowl' people may be happy, only in the belief that this style will make them happier in another, unproven, plane or lifetime.
How happy are you now, based on reality based measures?
CHP as Highwaymen Collecting bounty for new Sheriffs of Nottingham.
Occasionally do help people, but AAA or insured towing policy is cheaper to operate and less dangerous to innocent citizens (shootouts & chases).
Cities & Roads, etc Gov't is touted as the only way to build the above. Truth is people want more space. Gov'ts are always herding people into controllable areas. That's reason for constant 'urban renewal,' & other proj's to lure people downtown.
W/o gov't people would live in small enclaves or be more nomadic.
Tie nomadic idea to famines which follow political boundaries.
Cities Dysfunctional Once a city gets too big, say about 500,000 or so, it ceases to perform in favor of its citizens. The gov't becomes its own client and acts to increase the power of those running it and their connections, usually at the expense of the common citizen.
If you fight it, they can ruin you, for instance, by suing you personally, something you are barred from doing back
Civil Servants Civil servants are neither... discuss!
Classes of People 1 3 Classes:
1. Ruling or would-be rulers. Parasites including the 'Mandarins' who enable rulers.
2. Serfs who do the real work & provide real wealth.
3. New: Separati - Ignore rulers & peer pressure of Serfs - in effect, mostly dwell in another dimension unaff. by #1.
Classes of People 2 3d Class could be called 'Separati' or 'Levitati' (floating like a feather or a cork in a storm).
Collective vs Individuality In order to be assimilated into a collective medium, a person has to be stripped of his individual distinctness. He has to be deprived of free choice and independent judgement. Many of his natural sense and impulses have to be suppressed or blunted. -
Eric Hoffer, The True Believer
Collective vs Loyalty True loyalty between individuals is possible only in a loose and relatively free society. -
Eric Hoffer, on suspicion vs trust, 'The True Believer'
Collectivism 1 Even good people, e.g. Jimmy Carter use the collective 'we' as who will solve a problem, e.g. hunger or poverty in a certain country.
This is so common that no thought is given to who 'we' are that will have our wealth taken by threat of force (taxation) and what this does to our own economy.
The 'foot-baal' syndrome?
Collectivism 2 Gov't uses educ. and even subsidized sports to enhance collective thinking.
'Be part of the original crowd'
This backfires in that same thinking leads to people copying much bad behavior (e.g. spring break binging, smoking).
Collectivism 3 Gov't instills thoughts that we are weak, prone to failure, corruptible, vulnerable to boogeymen & fear of the week & thus need its guidance, control & protection. We cannot be relied upon to contribute to our own benefit, & thus must be taxed, with few Const'l protections and virtually no say in what our 'fair share' is. Yet gov't has shown that those in it are most error prone and corruptible of all... ...and they want to suck even more power and wealth from the free sector into the gov't controlled sector and their pockets or fiefdoms.
Of course, it's for our own good, yet what they do & spend now has clear harm, yet unclear benefits to us. It definitely has concentrated benefit to the few elites in power or with access to same (e.g. space prog, defense)
Communities - Bogus Gov't or propagandists create artificially small 'communities' of groups which don't really act together or have the same agenda. They also annoint 'leaders' who really don't represent nor speak for the group. These leaders can either be controlled, or at least behave predictably, which furthers the gov't's agenda. E.g: J. Jackson, Act Up. This 'lumping' is actually a form of prejudice!
Compassion (Liberal, etc) Mistaken assumption that 'cause you want to give to 'poor' etc that you are compassionate, 'cause you're only looking at one side of the equation.
You are enslaving 'we, the people' for 30 min, 1 hr, 2 weeks, etc to pay for 'your' programs.
Gov't doesn't just 'have' this money, they TAKE it!
Conflicts - Winning If you get drawn into a conflict, don't fight in the other person's 'world.' They spend their life there & make the rules, so they are good at it. Draw them into the world you control.
Ex: As a kid, Jiu-Jitsu vs boxing; 'The Silent Partner,' my mother.
Conforming - Pressures to Peers as kids
Schools (part of gov't)
Gov't -- worst 'cause it uses force and threat of death (Branch Davidians)
Constitution - Fallacy of Constitution just gets re-interpreted anyway, a la 'Animal Farm.'
All the talk about gov't preserving 'constitutional rights' is misleading. We have no constitutional rights... Constitution restricts gov't and specifically says everyone is born with their rights intact.
Least of all is gov't protecting us!
Constitutional Paper Cuts Constitution as Congressional toilet paper... One can only hope for 'infected anal paper cuts.'
Consumption Letter in 'Wired,' the tech-consumer magazine: '... The real story is the way ubiquitous advertising builds a culture of desire, in which no consumer feels he has enough.' David Lemon, San Jose, Calif.
Corruption = Noise Hard to ignore the incredible corruption around.
There is lots of nice stuff, but hard to concentrate with all the materialistic noise around.
Country - Free? Who says?
What's really free?
Well, there is a way, but it costs!
Country is Its People, not Its Government But... a 'country' is a fiction anyway, just as 'our' football team isn't really 'ours.'
Your allegiance, maybe even your life, certainly your money & property, are 'given' to a gov't, not an amorphous country.
America is a continent, the country is called 'U.S. of America!'
Courage to be Free 1 Usually because of lack of courage that we are not free. Freedom comes from within ~
not an external freedom. The external freedom only manifests once we have conquered
our inner fears about freedom. - Jan-Marie Brooke
Crimes - Draft Not a 'crime.' The draft is slavery unto death - under threat of imprisonment or death 'up front.'
Culture vs Race Race is strictly arbitrary, and only an external judgement cue.
Instead, look at the CULTURE in question. Even the most primitive seeming one, e.g. Hopi Indian, has much to adopt for oneself, e.g. music, art, philosophy bits. Reject that which doesn't apply or is destructive, e.g. territory wars, sacrifice.
Decision Process In my case, a new Explorer, or a make-do van to convert, or existing camper vehicle.
If you wake up in the middle of the night, is it better to wonder about length of payments or 'til retirement, or how much time you have available, since you only need a temp job to keep food on the table and gas in the tank?
Decisions - Mixed Feelings If you have strong mixed feelings, or conflicting valid pro & con to a decision, the best answer is usually 'Don't do it!' At least not now.
Deeds vs Words Deeds, and choices especially, show the true person.
Definition: Intellectual in-tel-lec-tu-al
1 a : of or relating to the intellect or its use b : developed or chiefly guided by the intellect rather than by emotion or experience : RATIONAL c : requiring use of the intellect
2 a : given to study, reflection, and speculation b : engaged in activity requiring the creative use of the intellect
Desires vs Rights Rights can interfere w/others.
Desires ok as long as they don't interfere. This is defensible & needs no constitution.
Dialectic - Hegelian Desired outcome is Z, have two 'enemies' argue A vs B, Z is then offered as the only compromise.
This is being used as I write, Bush vs Gore, desired outcome is abolition of Electoral College, which heretofore has limited power of President.
Hitler-type power can be gained by pres. with a 'popular mandate' to do Z.
Disarming - Machiavelli When you disarm your subjects you offend them by showing that either from cowardliness or lack of faith, you distrust them; and either conclusion will induce them to hate you. -- Niccolo Machiavelli, 'The Prince'
Discrimination 1 Only bad if enforced with force (e.g. 'back of bus' was gov't edict). We all discriminate every day, it's a freedom to enjoy. If racial discr, it opens new markets for those who don't discr, e.g. 'Blaxploitation' films.
Using force to 'level playing field' (a fiction) causes resentment against those who get the preference by those who don't... doesn't end hatred, fans it.
Discrimination 2 Rather than judging value of things, it's better to just decide:
1. I want to immerse myself in this
2. I want to explore this
3. I want to run like hell!
Distractions Whether there was a lone gunman, whether Bill had sex with Monica -- all designed to preoccupy us with minor issues, instead of, e.g. whether gov't has right to steal from us, confiscate our stuff, etc.
Downsizing - Bureaucracies Bureaucracies have become uglier. Fewer people are saddled with more work, making them care less and grow surlier.
Downsizing - Effect The mid-90s trend of downsizing co's has meant more middle mgrs chasing fewer jobs remaining. As a result many of them have changed professions & life styles. Here is one such story, which is still unfolding. He went from computer executive to RR worker, and then got smart!
Downsizing - Management Style ...is becoming more concerned with how they look to their bosses and less how to deal with probs. Usual 'technique' is tell everyone what they want to hear, then do nothing & hope it goes away. Usually it seems to, but is either stored up as bitterness or passed to someone who unofficially really handles it. Makes the system look like it's working! Yields wimpy yes-men as mgrs. Not actively sought, but that's successful
Dreams - Achieving 1. Full-time job & dream is hobby; maybe get somewhere someday.
2. Live frugally (freely) and spend all your time & energy on the dream & achieve happiness right away, & get somewhere sooner at dream due to focus of energy.
Dyer's Parable 3 men discuss those unjustly imprisoned.
One rich man decides to donate beds, since the prisoners sleep on rocks.
Another donates food, so they can eat better.
The 3d finds a way out for himself, then tells the prisoners how.
The latter is that to which I aspire.
Echo Become attuned to how your decisions and actions are received, rewarded or 'punished' by the universe, other people, reaction of institutions, etc. Then adjust your future actions accordingly. Example of my trying to work for the RR etc.
Economics - Controlling is Cruelty Hidden inflation.
Theory of real reason for foreign aid to mask inflation.
Dow number also show shrinking value of the dollar, as plant etc, which value the stock, don't appreciate as fast as Dow shows, esp in shrinking mfr. economy.
Economics - Money Money is stored up 'goodness.' Someone perceives another did or supplied something needed and responds with money. Stored up money ('The Rich') is nothing more than stored up good deeds or products tendered.
Stealing 'excess' money from 'The Rich' therefore steals incentive to do good without being forced to (taxation).
Economics - Reason for Foreign Aid? Real reason for foreign aid and destroying then rebuilding countries is to take currency out of this country to mask inflationary actions of gov't.
Economics - Revisionist New' definition of inflation blames us instead of entity which prints the money, which is the ONLY cause.
This allows gov't to print money, then est. policies which punish US for resulting inflation.
Economics - Robin Hood Gov't has perverted the story of Robin Hood. He did not rob the rich to give to the poor. He took back money from the aristocracy or corrupted church officials who had themselves taken it from the people wrongly.
Ego - Price of 1. Cost in time, money & slavery of lifestyle if you feed your ego as to house, car, pet, mate needed, etc.
2. Cost of parading it, such as being macho, etc., in phoniness, directing energy to the wrong parts of your life, etc.
Elites - Not Free, Either Bushes, Bill Gateses, etc think they can achieve real power, but they create their own slavery. Money doesn't buy freedom.
Even NWO guys, who think they can be free by enslaving the world, never will be free. Looking over their shoulder, and, living in the world they're trying to create.
Extreme: M.McDermott massacre over money.
Elites & Nobles Recognizing others as superior, 'nobles' gives them power over you.
Uniforms enhance this (ties).
If you don't recognize someone with a tie on as being superior ('sir' or 'Ms'), you've taken another step toward freedom.
Elites 1 Biggest problem for us is that the elites don't live in the world they create for us & the rules they est. for us. E.g. Speed limits, diplo. immunity, bodyguards for their kids who go to private schools.
Emotions - Role of Religion & gov't use fear to turn off intellect & then insert their 'program'
End Justifies Means? 1 Even if, say the 'internat'l' space station helps invent a new teflon, if done thru coercive confiscation of funds, it's immoral and not worth supporting.
Same is true for the noblest charity, if funded coercively.
Always ask 'How many meals did this cost?' How about 'the chillldren' then?
End Justifies Means? 2 Note diff. between say building 100 747s instead of 1 space station. Once the station is built, it's so much junk, except for 'projects' it can be artificially assigned. The 747s continue to fly, create jobs and create wealth thru their serving people and THEIR productivity. Space Sta. will eventually just fall to earth & burn (we hope!) or pushed into space & worthless, not even recycled!
Energy - Wasting on Wrong Enemy 'Michael Moore' example of vilifying Exxon, etc. I can shop at ARCO & would in fact have even more choices w/o gov't preventing more from entering mkt. Microsoft doesn't force me to buy from them, gov't forces monopolies (electr, cable, phone, TV, radio) and even comes to get me (IRS, EPA, change of zoning due to lobbying by connected).
Enslavement - Opiates 1 Not just real drugs (& war against same), but sports and religion drug the sheeple into feeling that being a slave is ok. Bread & circus: Doesn't matter. Nowadays, it's soccer, f-ball, b-ball, tennis. Anything to have 'heroes' (yes, and heroines)

for people to adulate and waste time & energy, as the parasitic elites suck the money out of the unwashed.
Enslavement - Opiates 2 Electing 'Massa' doesn't make you free.
It does give slaves the 'feeling' of being free. That, plus slogans like 'It's a free country,' 'The Free World,' etc.
Enslavement - Posessions 2 If you are at either point, preserving or stealing, your life is controlled by the wrong things. This is proven by the lack of happiness in your life as a result.
Enslavement - Possessions 1 People get to the point where they set car alarms just when ducking in to buy a Slurpee.
Actually, another slave to 'need' for possessions, money or opiates of one kind or another COULD steal from them!
Gov't actually encourages stealing (taxation) for needs of 'collective' - as stated by the powerful.
Enslavement - Sheeple 1 Nothing really wrong with wanting to stay a sheeple, but you have to realize that the price for grazing in the pasture is the risk of being fleeced or slaughtered.
Enslavement - Sheeple 2 So many sheeple can't wait to jump into a line. If there are two left turn lanes, new people tend toward the longer line! At airports, they can't wait to jump into a long line, before being told if the flight is ready for boarding and who gets on first.
Plus, getting onto the cellphone in line, so no one misses this latest development in the herd's fate.
Enslavement - Sheeple 3 The 'Gangsta' or 'Rappa' isn't brave nor free, though he makes a lot of noise visually and audially.
He's just hiding behind a group that's dumb enough to emulate him or look to him for answers. He lets them absorb any real dangers.
Enslavement - Sheeple 4 Beginning of US, lack of sheeplike qualities have kept us free.
As subsidized sports, propaganda (fear of the week), and gov't education & other programs create more 'sheeple,' freedoms will erode.
When they're all gone, who would lead a revolution? Wolves are in control!
Answer: Withhold obedience early in game
Ethics 1 Disagree w/Dr. Laura, who says ethic or morals only meaningful if there's a moral authority (Big Daddy) behind them to punish/reward. I believe they only mean something if they come from within, even if a person believes in God. It's evident that God doesn't punish bad guys here on earth, and there's no evidence of an afterlife, so it HAS to come from belief in the validity of the rules themselves. Escape clauses for believers
Ethics 2 Ethics vs Morals. Former are rules or guidelines, latter have loftier, religious connotation.
Former followed based on their own effect in life, latter handed down from on high, followed due to belief or faith only.
Evil - Main Is ability to steal from us. If we give it the ability, it makes exceptions from the limited way. Eminent domain becomes confiscation or 'taking' thru zoning etc making land useless. Or tax-'cheats' stuff confiscated. etc.
Excellence Within - finding One reason to stay as free as possible is so you can find and develop the excellence within you. Everyone has something that could make them the best 'you' they can. One needs time to do and more time to develop that.
This doesn't mean finding the best job, so you can work on someone else's
'thing' no matter how good that is, but what is the best reason for your existence.
Excellence Within - Individuality Finding this excellence will help individuality blossom, therefore art, science, etc will also enter areas they wouldn't due to current controls, subsidies, etc.
Current system fights individ. so they can have 'human resources' in easy pigeonholes with easy handles to interchange the wage-bots.
Excellence Within - Voluntary Finding this excellence is not an obligation, but it is fully available only when living a free life. Too much energy used and wrong foci when living as a serf.
Min effect is to live a comfortably paced, happy life. If that means to you that each day is just nice, that's fine... You decide, not the elites! We know best how to fill our time.
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