Be Brave, Be Free !

The Pitfall of Isms

Following or Leading...

Both are Traps!

"He who has no opinion of his own,
but depends on the opinion and taste of others
is a slave."

Friedrich Klopstock

"How fortunate for leaders that men do not think."

Adolph Hitler



An -ism is a social grouping which ascribes to a set of dictates... patriotism, socialism, Catholicism, capitalism, all fit this definition.  Why should we be wary of becoming part of an -ism?

Joining an -ism means turning off one's own brain and ascribing to an existing set of rules and assumptions. There evolves a structure whose purpose is simply to perpetuate the acceptance of the -ism.  This precludes the application of free thinking to test the validity of the -ism.

The problem with becoming part of an -ism is that its rules get warped - even perverted - over time.  Thus one eventually has accepted something that even if once true, is no longer valid.

Even if the -ism was once valid, life's circumstances have a way of changing over time.  Chances are, the -ism doesn't change, at least not with the same speed, and becomes invalid.  But, it is hard to know which parts still might be worthwhile. 

The so-called leader of such -isms really is no more than a proselyte, who must look over his shoulder to ensure his dictates are still being accepted by the followers.   Otherwise, he becomes irrelevant... a fate similar to death to a would-be leader! is dedicated to ensuring we keep our brains turned on - so we discourage you from joining or ascribing to -isms.  

It's better to study ideas, including the -isms, then adopt what you like and - Make up your own mind!

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Updated:  May 30, 2008