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Hillary or Barack

Does it Matter?

Hillary Clinton - AP Photo  Barack Obama

Hillary Clinton (AP Photo)                                       Barack Obama                 

"The evil of two lessers."


Are there Really Two Parties?

The presidential race is already heating up, almost two years before the election.  The news media are abuzz about two Democrat Party hopefuls, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.  Who will get the nomination?  

The real question is, what does it matter to us ?

Both candidates have only shown a bit of their real agendas.  It's just enough to see that they are still going to do pretty much the same as the incumbent Republican:  Take more money and rights from us, keep a huge cut of it for themselves, and sprinkle the rest on whatever problem they have defined - usually caused!

The sad thing is, such problems as expensive health care are created by government action, inaction or plain ineptitude.  In the case of medical expenses, government rationing of health care, protection of hospital "turfs" from competition, and licensing and other regulation are the direct cause of health care being so expensive.  Oligopolies protected by the government set their own prices far above cost, and only need to please bureaucrats and politicians, not their customers, us!

If you're unsure on the concept, how do you feel about utilities, oil companies, cable and telephone companies?  Do they serve you well, are their prices too high?  They are also protected from competition... by the governments supposed to serve us!

So... Hillary or Obama?  Who cares?   Whatever they promise comes out of our hide - and it's never enough!


John Kerry             G.W. Bush "Mission Accomplished"

                     John Kerry                                                                  George W. Bush        
Another example from  the recent past:  The 2000 presidential election.  What were the two biggest issues that would cause people to vote against G.W. Bush?  The invasion of Iraq (not a war) and the PATRIOT Act.  What were the first two things John Kerry said he was for?  The Iraq invasion and the PATRIOT Act!   So... where was the real choice there?  
What does this all mean to us?  That "the answer, my friend..." to obtaining true freedom and keeping more of what we earn will never be found in the words of politicians, nor in the empty promises of even our local goverments.  They are not run for our benefit, if they ever were.

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Updated:  May 30, 2008