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Here were some of my peeves... before I started to learn about Tao. - Daniel

English Mis-Usage:

6AM in the Morning (as opposed to 6am at night?)

Advantageousness - ? - How 'bout "advantage"?

I'm in agreeance.  Feh!

"Alot" as one word.  "Awhile" or "everyday" misused as one word.  It's correct as one word as an adverb: "awhile later," "everyday housewife," but not as an adjective or noun: "after awhile" should be "after a while."

Alumni used as singular, as in "I'm an alumni of Harvard."  It's the plural.  Alumnus or alumna are the singular.

Alright vs all right.


And/or, especially when stated verbally:  "Or" suffices, even per Black's Law Dictionary.


Artful, misused to mean "artistic."  Artful really means devious.  Bill Clinton was artful.
Also Dickens' character "The Artful Dodger."

As it were...

Assessorize or assessories

"Ate-" made-up words:  Cohabitate, Conversate, Orientate, Coronate



As it were...  Useless verbiage

"Axing" someone  ("I axed who be her baby daddy.")

On a daily basis vs "every day."  Also: "At that Point in Time" instead of "Then."

"Between you and I" or "For my wife and I"

Birthing or birthed

New verb: To "career" something

An event that "changed history."  History is already established; you can only change the present.  Something CAN change the COURSE of history as it becomes the past.

Cliche:  He, she or it is "The Real Deal" - a dumb cliche

"Closure..." every bad event must have it, after "Coming Together."  After that comes... "The Healing."

Commendate (commend)

Comfortability (comfort)

Compare Apples to Oranges/Apples  (you can compare anything to anything)

Confusing "cement" with "concrete."  Cement is the powder, concrete is the hard stuff.

Conventional Wisdom (oxymoron)

Conversate with... (converse!)

Could care less (vs couldn't)

Saying "Council" for "consul"

Making new verbs from nouns, such as: "I credentialed him," "
The artifact was curated there," or, "We brainstormed that."

"A Criteria" or even "these criterias"

"These" Data, datum, datums


Degre-date instead of degrade



Dissociate instead of Disassociate

Dissect pronounced "dye-sect" instead of "dis-sect"

"Diversity" used at least 20 times in every political document or university course description

Dove as past tense of "dive" - should be "dived"   "Dove" is a bird.

Drownded vs drowned
Drowned to Death (redundant)

Driving slowly in the fast lane, that is, any lane other than the slow lane.

Drunk Driver should be Drunken Driver

DV Video (redundant)

DVD Disk or CD Disk (redundant)

Eminent, when meaning "Imminent"

Essentric as mispronunciation for eccentric

Ek-setera - should be etcetera, with a "t"

Electrocute to mean "shocked." 
Electrocute means to kill by electric shock.  A similar misuse is "Suffocated to death"

Eponymously named (redundant)

ER Room (redundant)

Expresso should be Espresso

Excape instead of Escape

Extra words thrown in to sound scientific or authoritative.  E.g:  Thunderstorm Event for a storm,
or Cleaning System for a simple detergent

Extreme - overused.  When everything is "extreme," nothing is.  "Extreme" becomes a new norm

False Illusion - As opposed to a real illusion?

Final Conclusion - redundant

"Flexible Standards" - Bill Clinton's oxymoron

"Flounder" misused: The ship or plan floundered .  It should be foundered - with no "L")

Flustrating or Fluster-ating vs frustrating

From the Git-go or get-go

For the Chilllldren!  It's a common political reason for taking draconian measures

Gay Pride is an oxymoron... if you already had pride, you wouldn't need a parade!

Giving 110%   You can't give more than 100% - otherwise, why not give, say, 1000%? even 1,000,000%?

Grow the business (new verb for something inanimate)

Commit Hari Kari - Should be Hara Kiri

He's a masseuse - since "he" indicates a male, it should be masseur

He's good people, or...  an animal that "thinks he's people"

Heart Rendering - RENDING!

The Heeeealllling!  Must take place after every bad event.  Really means "media milking of the event"

Healthy food - should be Healthful

Homo-ge-ne-ous - wrong pronunciation of Homogenous

Hone-in - Should be "home in," as would a missile.

Hot Water Heater - If the water's hot, it wouldn't need a heater!

Hung the outlaw, criminal, etc - should be
"hanged."   "Hung" means a man who's sexually well endowed!

"I so don't understand"  Or "That's so not me."

"If you will..."  (trying to sound hoity-toity & just wasting words)

In about 15 minutes from now.  From when else?

Incidences, really meaning "incidents"


Individualism is an oxymoron (if it's an "ism" you're a follower)

Inherit as a transitive verb, as in "he inherited his children." 
Though, I guess, if you can say "He disinherited them," maybe it's ok!


It's (it is) misused to mean "
belonging to it." Should be "its."

It's about... or I'm all about...  What is "it"?

It is what it is.  <----  Of course!  Everything is "what it is!"  That's called the Identity Principle.

The animal or car "Jaguar" mispronounced as "jag-wire"

"Journal" as a verb ("I journaled that.")

"Judy-ism" mispronunciation of "Judaism."  It's named after "Judah," so it's said as "Juda-ism."

Something is key (as opposed to "the" key)

Laxadaisical instead of lackadaisical

Lay something down - should be "lie"

Legitimatize instead of legitimize

Less people -  should be "fewer" when the item is countable.  "Less" would be used with masses of things, such as "less water."

A Light-Year is the same length of time as an Earth solar year.  Light year is a measure of distance.
So is a parsec.  E.g: Star Wars' Han Solo: "It made the Kessel run in only six parsecs."  The "Family Guy" spoof satirizes this error.


Like vs As "Winston tastes good, as a cigarette should!"

Lit vs Lighted

"Literally" misused.  "The Republicans are literally standing in the way of legislation..."
                               The speaker still means "figuratively," unless the Republicans are physically blocking
                                access to the voting machine.

"Loan" misused as a verb, as in "Loan me some money."  The verb is "lend."
(I've also heard luminaries such as Laura Ingraham say "Who will borrow us some money?")

"Loosing" incorrectly used to mean "losing," as in "cannot find."

"Love Ya," instead of "I Love You" or "God Bless," as another seemingly beneficent salutation, instead of "God bless YOU."

Media is the plural, some use it as singular, as in "use this media."

Methodology, when meaning "method."  "Methodology" means "study of methods."



Mneumonic or Pneumonic for Mnemonic

Moment or Point in Time


More Complete - doesn't exist:  A thing is either complete or it's not.  There are no degrees of completeness, such as
"partially complete."

Similarly, Most or More Unique - Unique means "one of a kind," so it's a binary state with no degrees.

The point is mute - should be moot

New & Improved (can't be both)

"Newmonic" instead of mnemonic


Not Hardly

Not overly excessive

Nu-cu-lar (G.W. Bush is the worst recent mis-user, but shares that title with Jimmy Carter)

Adding "-ology" to sound scientific, e.g. Propology, methodology and switchology. The latter actually exists as a subset of ergonomics.

Open-faced sandwich (oxymoron)

Orientated (oriented)

New verbs made from nouns: Pastored or pastoring, partnering, to "office" with someone...

Per-cu-lating instead of percolating

"Phenomena" misused as singular.
"Phenomenon" is the singular.  Radio's Laura Ingraham actually said "phenomenas".

Physical when they mean "fiscal"

"Plus" "ultra" or now, "X-" or Ex-" or "Extreme."  When everything's "Ultra" or "Extreme," that becomes the new standard and nothing really is "extreme."  These are Worthless words when used to imply improvements which really aren't present.
Sort of like "new & improved" (it can't be both!)

Percentages: Giving a hundred and fifty percent, a thousand percent, a hundred and ten percent, etc.  
Giving in excess of 100% is impossible.

Possessive incorrectly used for plural.  That is, use of an apostrophe "s" ( 's ) to make the plural (e.g. sign's, meaning "many signs")

Presently, meaning "right now" to mean "at present."   "Presently" actually means "soon."

Pre-Recorded - Redundant!
Pre-Prescribed - "
Pre-Prepared    - "

"Principal" misused to mean "principle," or vice-versa.

PundINT - should be PundIT

To Recreate - verb invented from "recreation" - misused to mean "having fun"

Recollecting something... it's "remember."

Redundant use of Acronyms:  
(people saying an initial for the words, but repeat the last initial as the word itself)

ARM Mortgage (M = Mortgage)
ATM Machne (M = Machine)
ICU Unit
IRA Account
MLS System
PSA Announcement 
PIN Number 
"20 pounds PSI"
RAM Memory 
RPG Game or Grenade
SAM Missile

VA Administration 
VAT Tax 
VIN number

Root cause - a redundant phrase

Same Difference

Self-improve oneself or Self-examine oneself.  
March 2010, overheard "Self-incriminate yourself."
"She's very self-aware of herself."  Richard Roeper 12/05
Similarly: "He's self-confident in himself."
Laura Ingraham, May 2010: "Self-educate herself."
Radio Guru, Jan 2011: "Self-actualize himself."

"Set" to mean ""sit"

7am in the morning

"Sheriff" when they mean "Deputy..." there's one sheriff per county, but many deputies.

Singularly, to mean singly

"Situation" or "event," e.g. "a rain situation or "this war event"

"Special" person... everyone's special, one way or another!

Strangled to death - also Electrocuted misused to mean non-fatally shocked.  
If one is strangled or electrocuted, he's dead.


Suffocated to death (redundant)

Sum total - redundant.

They "summited" the mountain

System... now everything's gotta be a system or "engineered." The latter is especially funny, as it implies something is made
cheaper than it needs to be.

Tenet pronounced as "tenant"

"There you go" instead of "yes."

"Teaspoonfuls" or "Pocketfuls." The latter actually appeared in Newsweek!  (Should be "pockets full")
Similarly, "Power of Attorneys" should be "Powers of Attorney
"Attorney Generals" should be "Attorneys General"

"To" used instead of "too" or vice-versa...
also "there" instead of "they're" or "their" (though this could sometimes just be a typo).

Time period, or period of time - It's redundant - just say "period"

The year "Two Thousand AND Two"  Should be "Two Thousand Two"

Unique misused to mean "unusual" as in "He is the most unique performer."  Unique means "one of a kind," and has no degrees.

Utilization or utilize vs use or use

Valuating vs Evaluating


Vortice as singular of "vortices" - Should be "vortex"

To "watchdog" something - made-up verb

Way, shape or form - all mean the same thing, plus it's a cliche!



Whooping, instead of just applauding - rude and stupid

White middle-class people using ghetto slang, especially "Ho's," "Whazzzup?" and "It is what it is."

Who's instead of whose

"Wieldy" as opposed to "unwieldy" - actually seems like it could've been a word at one time

Win-Win situation.  Implies there's also a
lose-lose, though I've never heard that one.


Style or Fashion:

Music has to be everywhere, esp. outdoors and too-loud in restaurants.

Backwards Hats (except on welders & baseball catchers)...
Sideways or 45 Degree Hats on anyone who is not a puppet or over age (or IQ) of 2

Pure-bred Animals, esp. if offspring bred to Parents


Political Propaganda:

Fear o' the Week (e.g. Global Warming) and Boogeyman o' the Week... and always: "the Chillllldren!"


The Clintons (except maybe Socks (tm), whom they gave away, or  Chelsea, whom they soon will)

"Prophylaxis," in a political sense.  It is really genocide.


On radio or TV: "Up next..." really isn't...  A whole bunch of commercials is really what's "next"

Too-Loud and unceasing background music during shows and commercials... and in restaurants, even stores and restrooms for that matter.  Added in 2010: Commercials at the gas pump - loud, too!

Blasting Commercials, esp. with some high-voiced guy yelling - More points off if he starts by yelling "Listen Up!" Or "Hey San Diego" or whatever city you're in.


Habits & Social Trends:

E-Potatoes who won't write a real email or answer questions in yours. They only mass-forward emails that end with "If you break the chain you will have bad luck for... "   They also leave the old addresses of every one of the 1000s of poor schlubs who had to delete the sophomoric email before you got it.

Trying too hard when naming your kid:

"Profession" Names: 
Archer, Brewer, Chandler, Carter, Cooper, Fisher, Fletcher, Fowler, Gunner Harper, Hunter, Mason, Parker, Piper, Porter,
Rainer, Sawyer, Tanner, Taylor, Tucker, Tyler.  For some reason, these seem to be gender-independent.

Adjective names:
Precious, Stark, Strom, Sandy, Windy, Gray

Too many syllables:
Adding "La" in front of the name: LaTanisha, LaDamien (sounds worse for a man's name)

Wrong ethnic group:
Using Roman names: Damien, Romulus for non-Roman ethnics
English-Sounding names for non-English people: Alexander Wang, Deborah Cho.

Adjectival Names (not a peeve, but interesting):
Sunny, Happy, Lacey, Woody.

Official Cheer o' the Masses... Used to be "Oww!" now it's "Whooo!" It's even used to interrupt distinguished speakers during their speeches.  Silence or polite applause would be more respectful & appropriate.

Fears ruling one's life, e.g.:  Driving in the middle or left lane of a highway no matter how slowly they go, just to cling to a safe area.  These winkies usually drive a Volvo or diesel Mercedes.   Hence the saying:  "Empty as a Volvo Driver's Head."

Leaf Blowers:
a) Make too much noise too early and for too long; 
b) Blow YOUR trash onto MY property or car.

Smoking & other "enslaving" habits

"Be part of The Original Crowd" - Original Crowd?  Oxymoron from a Dr. Pepper commercial

Wasting food, esp. by throwing it away on the artificially derived "expiration date"
It's still good; that's a "sell by" date.

Playing the car radio to the exclusion of safety or in a way which over-excites the driver (road rage). 
Especially playing it loudly on crappy or blown speakers or so that the trunk lid rattles. 
Note that these drivers "share" by keeping their windows down no matter how cold or rainy it is.

Displaced anger (unfairly targeting someone when the real basis of anger is elswhere)

Ending an argument prematurely by abruptly leaving the room.
People thus think they got the last word, even though their position was weak.

Politicians' overused references to "God," especially "God bless America" at end of all speeches.

Women with a high TFI (Thigh Friction Index).  Nowadays it can approach 100% 
This seems esp. prominent at southern Walmarts
 but easily seen elsewhere .

"Thumping" hi-beat music behind traffic reports, sports & other insignificant events... to keep you excited about the unexciting. 
All seem to have a beat that goes "boom-chicka, boom-chicka."


Hey... What are your peeves?

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