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"A moment's insight is sometimes worth
a life's experience."

Oliver Wendell Holmes


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Listen    Floating Above the World's Troubles - Discard the worldly for the heavenly!
Listen    Freedom Basics
Listen   What Good is a Philosophy?
Listen!    Is there a "Right" and "Wrong?"
Listen!    How a Personal Philosophy can Free-Up Time for You!
I Know Something's Wrong, but I Don't Know What It Is!
    I feel like something's missing in my life, but what is it ?
Eden - or Hell - on Earth?     Is our Life on Earth a Paradise... or Hell?
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  Why are we here?

"Getting Away from It All" - Michael Bedard
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What is a "Free Mind?"
Can we - should we - try to escape life's "alligators?"
        (audio from 1994 TV show: "The Free Mind")

  Dan Hosts "The Free Mind"

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Introducing a Free Mind to Texas
       (Some resistance is felt)
        (audio from 1994 TV call-in show: "The Free Mind" Episode 5)

Are Women Like Flowers?
Listen!    Freedom for Women (I) - Are the Issues Different? - "Lady Elaine"
Listen!    Freedom for Women (II) - Does Divorce Bring Freedom? - "Lady Elaine"
Listen!    Freedom for Women (III) - "Lady Elaine"

Make a Wish
Listen!   Aspirations
Listen!   A Good Day
Listen!   Our Frequent "Look Within"

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