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"The revelation of thought takes Man out of servitude into freedom."

Ralph Waldo Emerson

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Show Title   Listen!
  The Premise of the Show - with Lee Mirabal
  Pursuing Happiness - with Lee Mirabal Listen!
Mick, Chef & Author
  Dallas Chef Helps with Weight Issues - with Lee Mirabal & Chef Mick of Dallas, TX Listen!
  Rational Gay-ness, a Personal Perspective (Part 1)  -  with Joseph Rego, Attorney Listen!
  Rational Gay-ness (Part 2) Listen!
 The Pitfalls of Ego
Lady Elaine's Role Model
Our "Inner Baby" - with "Lady Elaine" Listen!
John Makowski & Friend, "JR"
  A Life Plan that Works (Part 1) - John Makowski, Artist
  A Life Plan that Works (Part 2) Listen!
  A Life Plan that Works (Part 3) Listen!
Meg Anding
  Inside Holistic Healing (Part 1) - Meg Anding, Holistic Health Practitioner
  Inside Holistic Healing (Part 2)  Listen!
  Inside Holistic Healing (Part 3)  Listen!
Dr Barbara Becker-Holstein

  The Enchanted Self (I) - Dr. Barbara B. Holstein, Author Listen!
   The Enchanted Self (Part 2) Listen!
   A "Look Within" with Dr. Barbara B. Holstein Listen!

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Updated  October 31, 2016